Welcome to Benadir University

Rector’s Message

It is matter of pride and satisfaction to introduce you to Benadir University which, with few years,has grown into reputable institution in Somalia. The University is recognized by World Health Organization (WHO) as an education provider in Somalia. The civil war in Somalia has deprived the Somali children of their rights to education. Thanks to the Somali intellectuals who after feeling the need to revitalize the country’s educational system, established educational institutions.

About Our University

Over a decade ago, plans for Benadir University was announced and students, locals, and future administrators were all excited. From the admission of its first few students at the Headquarter in early September 2002, the University has embarked on an ambitious journey to become a nationally recognize university known for the contributions it makes to its students.

The University launched its ‘Vision, Value, and Voices’ or 3V’s to prospective students and local leaders to discuss the present needs and future ambitions of the university. During the past ten years B.U. has expanded its student body and resources as well as building new campuses at KM 13.

Our Faculties at Glance

Faculty of Medicine & Surgery

The Faculty of Medicine, the oldest in the university, offers a 6-year course consists of three entity Programs: 

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As the dean, I welcome all perspective students and their families to one of the most dynamic education programs.

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Faculty Of Shariah and Law

he establishment of the Faculty of Shari’a and Law at Benadir University is part of a expansion strategies of the university.

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Faculty Of Economics & Management

Faculty of Economics & Management (BU-FEMA) intends to prepare the future Managers,Policy makers & Leaders of the country.

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Faculty of Computer Science & IT

The Faculty of Computer Science and IT of Benadir University was established in 2003. Since then our students, faculty, staff, and alumni…

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Welcome to the Faculty of Geosciences and Environment. If you want to learn more about natural resources such as water, minerals, ….

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The Faculty of Veterinary Science is unique and it is one of the nation’s top veterinary and biomedical colleges in Somalia, and thus has ….

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University Life

Welcome to the Faculty of Agriculture. The faculty was established on August, 2008 and it is one of the main Faculties of Benadir University, dedicated to advance agricultural development through teaching, ….

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Video Tour in Benadir

Nidaamka Bangiyada Islaamiga ah ee Soomaaliya

Strategic  Direction

Why Choose Benadir University?

If you are looking for an academically rich and student based university, B.U. is your first choice. Benadir University also offers students access to a library, computer rooms, labs, and multi-media equipment. By pursuing an education with Benadir University, you are making the right choice for both your academic life and future career goals.

  • Strengthen the Quality of Academic Programs
  • Improve the Academic Indicators of the Student Body
  • Increase Applied and Basic Research

Our Vision

Benadir University vision is to position itself to meet the demands of a rapidly transforming community; in delivering a dynamic earning environment. BU prepares those it serves to meet the obligations inherent in being productive and responsible citizens and steward of our community. Benadir University intends to be a premier University that prepares students for life and work. Benadir University seeks to create opportunities through which people’s abilities, talents and creativity can in full expression. We aspire to world where people can promote their lives in a manner of their own choice. Were cognize that development today must safeguard the option of future generation. In the years ahead, the university will strive for excellence and prepare change. The University will realize as situation where needs of the target population are addressed through long-term sustainable education program.

Our Mission

Banadir University’s mission is simple yet profound. To push the frontiers of knowledge, B.U. must have simple yet profound mission and objects. They are as follows;

  • Developing modern education through work – based learning with collaborative teaching methodology.
  • Delivering systematic education guided by principles and values that preserve and sustain the local economy and the environment.
  • Produce graduates that embody competence, leadership, and moral integrity.
  • Constantly seek to improve the learning environment for students and their university experience.

Strategic Direction

The Strategic Plan gives expression to the Benadir University and to the vision to further develop Somalia as a university of influence. The Plan sets out five overarching directions to guide future activity:

  1. To provide an excellent educational experience to attract and retain students who, regardless of their background, will succeed at university and become graduates of influence.
  2. To continuously improve our research performance and, through our research, deliver social dividends.
  3. To attract and retain excellent staff who, through their teaching, research and professional support, will positively contribute to Somalia’s development as a university of influence.
  4. To be a sustainable university.
  5. To enhance our engagement with the region and to consolidate our reputation as one of Somalia’s most engaged universities.

The new Plan was developed following a University-wide consultation process including briefing sessions on each faculty. We would like to thank everyone for their active engagement in the consultation process and for their valuable contributions to the development of the Strategic Plan.


Benadir University Has 12 Faculties.

Graduated & Professional

Benadir University Produces Well Known and Respected Scholars in The Country and Abroad.

Graduate Program

Benadir University also has a department of higher studies.