Agriculture Labs

Agriculture Labs

The Agricultural Analytical Services purpose is to provides a wide range of testing programs for soils, water, plants, biosolids and other agricultural materials.

Department of agriculture offers the possibility of growing better quality crops, while optimising the use of inputs and minimising environmental impacts. It is a revolution in agriculture brought about by the application of information technology.

The Agriculture Laboratory was established at the beginning to operate within the Benadir University for Carbon, Water and Food. The Lab is well placed to continue this challenge in an exciting environment where technologies and industry knowledge are maturing within a range of industries, and Lab will become a crucial component in sustainably (commercially and environmentally) managing all inputs, natural retentions and emissions across agricultural operations.

The mission of the Benadir Agriculture department is to provide excellent PA science and training, leading agricultural industries to the students of agriculture towards incorporating practical, sustainable precision agricultural management techniques. It built an outstanding national and international reputation by innovatively prosecuting our mission.

In addition to the modern and extensive laboratory, the Faculty of Agriculture has a number of research facilities unique to the Somalian region, including a 250-hectare farm, extensive pasture, field and turf grass facilities, greenhouses, an experimental orchard, and a number of outlying research facilities and labs.

As well, the Faculty of Agriculture laboratory houses the largest repository of agricultural resource material in Somalia.