Engineering Labs

SHARED RESEARCH LABORATORIES AND FACILITIES are an integral part of research and education at Benadir university. From engineering to entrepreneurship, dedicated space exists for all forms of research in which our students and faculty engage.

The objective of the Engineering Laboratory is to give our students access to the tools and resources they need to create and experiment with ideas and inventions so to better enhance their educational experiences. In addition to providing resources for students during the education year, the student shop also helps conduct the program of the university Engineering’s Summer Academy in Technology. We offer a unique opportunity for a selective group of highly efficient students to experience rigorous and challenging level coursework. The Engineering Laboratory also offers services to professors and students who are interested in having projects fabricated for them.

Engineering principles learnt at different levels are enhanced by exposure to practical sessions supported by hands-on laboratory work. This is undertaken in the fully-equipped laboratories for Analogue and Digital Electronics, Communication Engineering, Power System, Mechanical Equipment, Mechanical Workshop and as well as Materials and Testing.

In order to enable students to learn and understand the latest high-tech engineering design and simulation techniques, software. Students can all these facilities to complete engineering assignments and design projects.

The Final Year Project rooms allows students to focus on project development in parallel the Engineering department allows for students to engage with advanced education level