Faculty of Political Science and International Relations


Harun Abdi Kulmiye

Dean, Faculty of Political Science & International Relation


Dean Message,

The Faculty of Political Science and International Relations is the youngest faculty of the prestigious Benadir University. At this time, Somalia and Somalis understand the value of stable and harmonized political system based on democracy and overall justice, grounded by our culture, value and believe. To this end, it is importing to understand and analyze all sorts of knowledge and technology from the West and the East. It was under these circumstances that the Faculty of Political Science and International Relations was founded as an institution where the young students and teachers of the day could acquire the expertise needed for overcoming the many difficulties of our political system and also make their mark in the world.

The Faculty’s main reason is clarification of the dynamism at the base of globalization, in keeping with our fundamental view that economics cannot be understood without an understanding of politics, and that politics cannot be understood without an understanding of economics. Today, many corporate enterprises and international institutions (regional and international) are active on a global scale. Thus, it has become essential to have a global perspective in efforts to clarify political and economic dynamics behind problems in areas such as economic disparity, political justice, and the environment. For this reason, we may consider ourselves to be in an age encouraging to full exercise of the capabilities of the Faculty in its further evolution.

The Faculty’s mission could be said to lie in serious approaches to the building of Somali society that have the highest levels of safety and are enriched in both the material and non-material aspects for each and every one of its citizens and also the global society, amid the significant changes brought by globalization.

Each program is specially designed to develop analytical skills, combining organized knowledge with practical experience that introduces and prepares them for careers in the government and non-governmental sectors (national, regional and international), such as the UN, AU. In addition to learning about the government, politics and issues of public concern, students also might explore themes of war and peace and the effects of globalization, the role of international law and organizations, and predominantly Somalia’s role in the world.

Our Mission

To train innovative, pluralistic, egalitarian, ethical and researcher individuals who will be able to understand and investigate current and historical knowledge of the discipline of Political Science and International Relations.

Who generate analytical and synthetic thinking, reading, writing and research in the field of political science and international relations using interdisciplinary knowledge, be conscious of the problems of mankind and the country from the social, political and economic perspective.  Discuss the current problems of the contemporary world, obtain creative, different standpoints and methods.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide basic political science and international relations education given at universal level that is related to the social sciences in the field of political, social and economic fields. to discuss contemporary world problems in both theoretical and practical fields of discipline, become a Political Science and International Relations Faculty that is open to dialogue with the various traditions and perspectives in the world and opening up a pluralistic, egalitarian, ethical, participatory, innovative, inquisitive, creative and interdisciplinary mindset. Our vision is to be a national center of excellence for advanced studies in politics and public policy committed to addressing the challenges facing our country (Somalia) and the global community.

What Is The Political Science and International Relations Faculty?

The Faculty of Political Science and International Relations aims to educate professional who can understand the network of contemporary relations from a theoretical framework and follow the current developments in the field.

The ideal goals of the Faculty is to educate individuals who have political knowledge of Somalia, Africa and the world, adopt analytical thinking, criticize and solve them, renew themselves continuously, take initiative of social issues, adopt ethical values, and motivated to work together and contribute in democratic participation.

To Advance Analytical Thinking Skills

The purpose of the Faculty of Political Science and International Relations is to educate individuals who have mastered world’s and Somalia’s issues, understand national and foreign politics, adopt analytical thinking structure, criticize and solve them, constantly renewing themselves, entrepreneurial, questioning, adopting ethical values, participating in joint work and democratic participation

What We Study and Teach

Our prospectus focuses on three areas and the intersections between them: the study of government and politics, the study of international relations and organization, and the study of political theory and philosophy. The rigorous and valid use of research methods, with emphasis on new and developing techniques, underpins our culture of active original research and scholarship.


Goals of the Faculty

  • To undertake teaching, research and extension programs in major branches of Political Science & International Relations.
  • To impart training to the student in order to equip them academic and professional capability & develop among them analytical perspective.
  • To encourage research in the social political issues at contribute to the discipline of Political Science.
  • To undertake extension activities in order to create free, just and humane society.

Core Values

  • Communicate the knowledge of Political Science & International Relation
  • Develop new knowledge in the field through critical research and scholastic Inquiry
  • Cultivate political values so as to boost democratic practice

Apply the knowledge of Political Science to serve society as a whole






    No Department Duration
1 Political Science 3 year
2 International Relation 3 year
3 International Political Economy 3 year




Contact Address:

 BU Main Campus: Km5, Zobe, Hodan, Mogadishu

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