Faculty of Marine Science

Dr. Hassan Mohamud Nur (Meyre)

Dean – Faculty of Marine Science and Navigation Studies



Welcome to the Faculty of Marine Science and Navigation Studies at Benadir University. It is my great pleasure to serve as Faculty Dean and to be able to work with a team of staff who have a strong commitment to the training of a new generation of scientific professionals.


Faculty Background

Somalia has 3,333Km of coastal line and there is a crucial need for Marine Science and Nautical Studies experts and based on this essential need Benadir University and established on September 2021.

The aim of the faculty is to provide students with knowledge, competencies, skills and awareness of a variety of subjects linked together by the common theme of Marine Science and Nautical studies in response to the actual need for this field of knowledge in the country. The faculty also aims to be a centre of excellence for the research on Marine Science and Nautical Studies management.

Vision and Mission:

  • To produce specialized and highly qualified graduates with competitive skills that will contribute to Somali maritime industry.
  • Develop and enhance the professional skills for managers and officers who are working in the Somali maritime industry.
  • To be Centre for research and consultancy for Somali maritime industry.

Core Values:

  • Learning: Student learning and development are the primary purposes of the University.
  • Excellence: B U promotes quality and excellence in staff and faculty members through its many professional development activities.
  • Responsibility: B U places a high value on being ethical in all practices.
  • Adaptability: Preparing students for a technologically changing world.
  • Integrity: Operate with fairness, honesty, and the highest ethical standards to sustain a community of trust
  • Education Access – Provide all qualified students with access to graduate and postgraduate education.

Faculty Departments:

  1. Department of Nautical Science and Maritime Transportation
  2. Department of Fishery.
  3. Department of Marine Science
  4. Department of Maritime and ports Management


For Further information please to contact us

Dean ‘Faculty of Marine Science and Navigation Studies

in Benadir University.

Email:dean-marinescience@bu.edu.so  OR Phone Number: 0615507711