Faculty Of Dentistry

Dr. Abdinor Hussein Mohamed

Dean, Faculty of Dentistry

Dean Massage,

In Somalia, the need of dental care as well as of Dental Schools and of suitable dental equipment and material, was highlighted by the researchers Barmes and Hussein already in the early 80th on behalf of the World Health Organization.

Health care in Somalia were shaped by various administrations that adopted different policies, priorities, and health care service approaches, often influenced by local and international paradigms and resolutions.

Although there were several milestones in the history of general health care Services in Somalia, oral health care has never been given any consideration.

In 2013, a study done by myself in a rural area of northern Somalia showed high DMF . I also put afloat that certain factors that affect oral health of our country remained exactly as in 1980 including:

a) Shortage of Dentists

b) Total lack of Dental auxiliary

c) Total lack of Dental schools

I believe that the most urgent step is the formation of various levels of dental manpower. This need was supported by the shrewd Rector and the Foundation of Benadir University who recently approved the establishment of this new Dental Faculty, which I am the Dean.

However, the Dental Team of Faculty of Dentistry of B.U. incorporates a coordinator and a number of dental lecturers. From academic year 2016-2017, the registration is officially open. the first group of dental students have been enrolled. We accept local applicants as well as Somali candidates from abroad.

I and my Team have the goal of bringing the standard of oral health in Somalia internationally.

Finally, we would like to enable a free dental basic service for low income people located at main BU Campus, Km13, Afgoi Road.


Our faculty of Dentistry is innovative and constantly evolving, reflecting the minds of our outstanding professors and their vision for training tomorrow’s leaders in oral health care. Our curriculum employs cutting-edge approaches to the management of oral health problems, as well as innovative teaching and learning techniques. It focuses on the relationship between oral health and general health.


  • The mission Faculty of Dentistry is to improve health by advising dentistry through an excellence in education and research and to improve the public’s oral health related quality of life.


  • To Prepare next generation of clinicians, scientists, educators, and leaders in profession of Somalia.
  • To Establish partnerships and networks locally and nationally to translate research knowledge into practice.


  • The Dental Health Foundation’s core values of care, respect, trust, quality and innovation, and define the character of the organization.


  • We strive for quality in all our work through research, analysis and evaluation.