Faculty of Computer Science & IT

Eng. Khaliif Muse Warsame
Dean, Faculty of Computer Science & IT

Dean’s Message,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Faculty of Computer Science and IT at Benadir University. The Faculty of Computer Science and IT at Benadir University was established in 2003. Since then, our students, faculty, staff, and alumni have continued to contribute in significant ways to our reputation as a very strong faculty for the study of computing science. Our faculty focuses on skills with experience and quality, which makes it possible for our alumni to become some of the most successful and in-demand computer science graduates throughout the world. We also offer a master’s program in close partnership with Makerere University in Uganda.

We at the Faculty of Computer Science and IT of Benadir University pride ourselves on many things. We take pride in our history as the second-oldest faculty of Benadir University and the first faculty to produce graduates at BU. We pride ourselves on our academic excellence, the relevance of our programs to the country and beyond, and the high demand for our graduates nationally and internationally. We take pride as well in our faculty and staff, who are working to ensure that your journey with us is memorable and enjoyable. Thank you for choosing our faculty.


Prof. Khaliif Muse Warsame

Dean, Faculty of Computer Science and IT, Benadir University


The Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology (CIT) was established in 2003. A combination of highly qualified faculty members and state-of-the-art facilities has established the faculty as one of the leading and most prestigious computer science and information technology faculties in the country. The competency of the faculty is evident from the achievements of the alumni, who have created a brand value both in the job sector and academia, both in and outside of the country.

The faculty is especially proud of the quality of its teaching methods and the diversity of the computer equipment available for students’ use, as it maintains respective modern computer facilities.


To stay at the top of Computer Science and IT in Eastern Africa and work towards world-class, distinguished faculty in high-quality teaching and research. So, the Faculty of Computer Science & IT strives to continue to be the premier faculty for whole computing technology in Somalia and to become internationally recognized for excellent education for students while contributing to the national economy through research and transfer to industry.


The mission of the Faculty of Computer Science & IT is to produce the best-quality computer science and IT professionals by offering a broad-based education, encouraging life-long learning, fostering teamwork and leadership, and promoting creativity and competitiveness. Furthermore, pursue creative research and new technologies in computer science and across disciplines to serve the needs of industry, government, and society.


The core values guiding the department are:

  • Commitment to high-quality education and student success.
  • Quality assurance of academic programs through disciplinary accreditation.
  • We believe computer science is foundational for all students.
  • We act with integrity and transparency.
  • We are committed to equity, access, and opportunity.


  • Department of Computer Science
  • Department of Information Technology
  • Department of Business Information Technology

We also offer Diploma Certificates in:

  • Web design and development
  • Networking and Computer hardware
  • Graphic Design and Multimedia
  • Software development


The faculty has a well-equipped laboratory with state-of-the-art computer hardware and software.

  • The software facility at the faculty includes popular operating system platforms, programming language compilers, development tools, DBMS packages, etc. Both free and proprietary software packages are used.
  • The faculty has a switched Fast Ethernet network connecting all nodes of the Lab through structured cabling.


Location: Prof. Ibrahim Addo Campus: Km 6 near seybiyaano, Hodan, Mogadishu, Somalia.

Telephone: 00252615678538/00252615258212.

E-Mail: cit@bu.edu.so.

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