Faculty of Education

Mr. Jeilani Kassim Said

Dean Faculty of Education

Faculty of Education

Dean Massage,

Faculty of Education takes great pride in the quality of education that is provided to its students. University staffs are excited in helping to prepare our students for the world in which they live.

Much of the success that our students’ achievement today is the result of the collaborative efforts of our stakeholders. It is the product of several weeks of hard work between board members, teachers, administrators, staff, and community leaders.

This collaboration has not only helped in envisioning the future of the Faculty, but also in the development of the roadmap that will take us there. By clearly articulating our values, vision, mission, focus areas, and objectives, we are in a position to continue in the direction of excellence.

I welcome all perspective students to consider this faculty as their choice. In the next few years, will introduce greater change and diversity to the faculty that will impact students learning and make the Faculty of Education at Benadir University one of the top choices for a degree in education

Due to the lack of educational opportunities in some rural areas of our country, we have made the decision to establish an online e-learning program in 2021–2022, with the goal of spreading knowledge across the entire nation and producing qualified teachers who can share their expertise with our vulnerable community. As a faculty, we were successful in maintaining the virtual learning program.



To Endeavour to be a leading faculty in the preparation and development of teachers of the highest quality, and the promotion of research as well as innovative and critical skills required to uplift regional, provincial and national communities.

The Faculty of Education has distinguished five core values and beliefs:

Excellence in Teaching & Learning.

Respect & Commitment.

Personal & Social Responsibility.

Community Engagement.

Sustainability of Resources.


The Faculty of Education at Benadir University aims at inspiring knowledgeable and reflective long life learners who care about the welfare of others and the environment, and are recognized for their leadership and commitment to the very best in teaching and learning.

Currently the faculty of Education is composed of three divisions:

Division of Education.

Division of Science and Mathematics.

Division of Social Science.

Division of Languages.

In the future the faculty is planning to add another Division:

Social work and social administration

Academic departments are organized within division, with departments offering major and minor programs of study in the respective fields.




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Prof. Jeilani Kassim Said

Dean Faculty of Education

Email: dean-education@bu.edu.so