Engr. Abdulkadir Abdullahi Araye

Dean, Faculty of Geosciences & Environment

Dean Message

Welcome to the Faculty of Geoscience and Environment of Benadir University. We are the First Faculty of Geological and Environmental Science to train Geologists and Environmentalists and we offer a variety of courses and programs in the broad field of Earth Science and Environment, building on our several years of experience. The faculty has played a role in the development of the Geology of Somalia and Africa. We have a diverse faculty covering the broad spectrum of programs that we offer as a faculty, our lecturers are among the best in their fields. We invite you to browse through our programs. You will soon be convinced that our faculty offers the best possible options that you will need for a career in the Geology and Environment”.


The Faculty of Geosciences and Environment assesses its effectiveness using the following student learning objectives.

  • Understand the basic scientific principles of geology and environmental sciences, including the basis of scientific laws and theories, and where the earth and environmental sciences fit within that framework.
  • Effectively communicate scientific observations, analyses and arguments.
  • Critically evaluate the scientific merit of scholarly literature and lectures.
  • Learn to collect, analyze and interpret geologic and earth system data scientifically.
  • Promote awareness of the connected nature of the Earth system, including the effects of humans.

These learning objectives are aligned with International Universities goals which ensure that our students are skilled, connected, creative, and responsible.


It is the mission of the Faculty of Geosciences and Environment of Benadir University to provide a high quality learning environment that cultivates understanding of the Earth system and Environment, including its processes and the role of human activity. We are committed to advancing challenging, experiential and engaging programs of study for our students. Our graduates are well prepared to enter graduate and professional programs, the field of teaching, and a wide array of careers in government and the private and not-for-profit sectors


  • Address fundamental geosciences and environment questions regarding Earth’s transitions over space and time. We will lead research in the areas of Earth science that directly relate to societal challenges of the 21st century, including water, energy, natural hazards, natural resources, climate, life, land use, environment and soils.
  • Foster a diverse community of scholars that includes collaborative research groups that promote transformative research at the interfaces between traditional disciplines. We will develop new programs and capabilities at the state, national, and international levels.


  • Provide world-class education for students at all levels by involving them in research, offering comprehensive, innovative curricula and field and practical experiences, focusing on student learning outcomes, and preparing them for successful careers so they can create, innovate, and lead the geosciences into the future.


Faculty Departments

  • Geology
  • Environmental Science

Faculty Labs  

  • Geological specimens (rocks, minerals, fossils) were collected from different areas in Somalia and worldwide.
  • High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)
  • 3 polarized Microscopes
  • Different Geological Maps
  • Geological instruments for field Geology


Contact Address:

        Prof. Ibrahim Addow Campus: Km6, Seybiyano, Hodan, Mogadishu

        Tel:+252613719647 / +252619120103

Email:dean-geoscience@bu.edu.so or secretary-geoscience@bu.edu.so