Prof. Omar Haji Mohamed Shurie

Dean, Faculty of Geosciences & Environment


Dean’s Message

Welcome to the Faculty of Geosciences and Environment. If you want to learn more about natural resources such as water, minerals, oil, and gas, and if you want to obtain skills and knowledge on materials: soils, concrete, and asphalt, this faculty is the right place for you. Furthermore, you will learn about the environment in relation to geologic hazards: volcanism, earthquakes, droughts, flooding and hydrology, tsunamis in oceanography, meteorology, and climate change. Lastly, there is a high demand for graduates who studied these fields, and your investments as students will pay off.


Dean, Faculty of Geosciences & Environment

Benadir University

Background of the faculty

  • The Faculty of Geoscience and Environment is an infant in terms of its history of establishment in August 2015. However, within a short period, it boomed up quickly, and the first batch graduates in this year (2019)
  • The faculty of Geoscience and Environment has managed well, acquiring capable lecturers, bringing in some of the equipment necessary for the smooth operation of high-quality teaching, books, and resources such as rock and mineral samples. A very visible achievement is the acquisition of a library of more than two hundred books of geology and research journals in various fields of Geoscience, starting from 1976 to the present.


Our mission is to understand Earth’s history and its future, the energy and resources required to support an increasing global population, and the challenge of sustainability in a changing climate and environment.   

Objectives of the Geosciences Undergraduate Program:

The aim of this program is to provide students with the basic knowledge and skills needed in geology, with an emphasis on geological methods related to petroleum and mineral exploration. Special emphasis is placed on instrumentation, field techniques, and computer modeling for data processing and interpretation.

Learning Outcomes:
After successfully finishing geology, the students shall have the ability

  • To identify, formulate, and solve practical explorational or engineering geological problems.
  • To describe and interpret geological formations, to prepare geological maps.
  • To use basic laboratory instruments, equipment, and computers to analyze and interpret data.
  • To work effectively in teams, including interdisciplinary teams, in order to solve problems relevant to Geology.
  • To understand the impact of mineral exploration and exploitation on the society and environment. 

Faculty Departments

  • Geology
  • Environmental Science

Faculty Labs  

  • Geological specimens (rocks, minerals, fossils) were collected from different areas in Somalia and worldwide.
  • High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)
  • 3 polarized Microscopes
  • Different Geological Maps
  • Geological instruments for field Geology