Faculty Of Health Science

Prof. Hassan Warsame Nor

Dean Faculty of Health Science

Faculty Of Health Science

Dean’s Message

Given the scale of existing calls for strengthening mid-level Human Resources for Health (HRH), Benadir University (BU) have instigated Faculty of Health Science (FHS).

The School’s main purpose is to produce graduates equipped with advanced skills and able to perform evidence based practices to all various fields of Health.

  Prof. Hassan W. Nor, Dean FHS

The Faculty of Health Science is committed to provide students with vast resources of scientific and medical knowledge coupled with professionalism and compassion toward health of      the public. Our graduates are distinguished with exemplary health care, remarkable academic achievements, innovations and researches.

I, as a dean of FHS, would like to share my commitment to providing our students with comprehensive education and to create conductive learning environment to help students reach their full potential in all disciplines of health sciences. Likewise, I am devoted the success of each student individually and as a group.

I look forward to seeing the dream of FHS achieve its objective, vision and mission which ultimately lead a significant growth in the promotion towards community health.

Faculty Of Health Science (FHS) Background

The Faculty of Health Science (FHS) was established jointly under the competent leadership group of dedicated members of both Doctors worldwide Turkey (DWWT) and Benadir University in academic year 2013/2014. This was as a result strong values and mutual partnership among DWWT and BU to accomplish their goals. Yet again, the idea to creating this faculty was obligated the realization to consequences of fading mid-level health work force in Somalia. DWWT’s role was to support the project financially at initial stages and make gradual transfer of funding and sustainability of faculty to BU.  Presently, the entire faculty programmes is run by BU without further support from DWWT.

The main motive was guided by the philosophy ‘To serve humanity is to serve the almighty’. The main purpose is to produce highly skilled mid-level health care workers to bridge the cap of current health care delivery system and to ensure fair health human resources distribution in Somalia. The current FHS running departments of first degree levels are Medical Laboratory Science, Midwifery, Nursing and Public Health. Further, professional diploma programmes were planned to instigate when reasonable is enrolled. Diploma programmes include Community Health, Monitoring and Evaluation and Nutrition and Dietetics among many others.

Each department is led by senior lecture with wide experience and proficient in his/her field. The strategy to provide such combination of well-trained health disciplines was considered the best tool to trim down maternal and infant mortality rates, prevent transmission of communicable disease and address the current global health burden in Somalia.

The School has competent and qualified academicians who are noted for their stellar teaching abilities which one put to use are able to produce competent products. The lecturers have the capacity for transformation of clinical skills, experiences and scholar activities which are places putting them the cutting edge of the medical world. Currently, the Faculty assists various departments each offers one specific disciplines intended mid level health work force. Other programs such as Medical Imaging, Dental Health, Ophthalmology, anesthesia and physiotherapy are planned to join hastily. The programs complement each other and provide high quality of health delivery services.

  1. Faculty Fundamental statement

Main Objectives

To produce highly skills mid-level human resources for health to mitigate the current health burden and subsequently make a limit for the wide spread of health problems, safeguard and promote the health of public.


To provide one of the best leading healthcare institution in the region providing outstanding treatment, health services and quality of medical education.


To produce a cadre of high quality health workers equipped with knowledge, practice and high moral values, dedicated for suffering human physically and psychologically in the nation and across the geographical boundaries.


To improve health services of Somali community through training mid-level health professionals that reflects the country’s development’s needs.

  1. Faculty Programmes

In principle, the faculty was runs two programmes to make students eligible for bachelor degree and professional Diploma.

Programme 1

Four years programme designed for new students graduated from secondary Schools with no background, skills and experience in health related areas.

  1. Medical Laboratory Science
  2. Midwifery
  3. Nursing
  4. Public Health 

Programme 2

Six months or one year professional diploma programme offered to students graduated from Secondary schools or have a good insight on background of health. These programmes include the followings:

  1. Community Health
  2. Monitoring and Evaluation
  3. Nutrition and Dietetics

In Combination of both programmes, the faculty of health science is targeting to produce the largest possible number of mid-level health professionals to reflect the critical shortages of human resources for health (HRM), to balance the skewed skill mix and uneven geographical distribution of the health workforce that pose major barriers to achieving the anticipated access to quality health services in Somalia.

  1. Practical Session

Production of highly skilled health professionals is dependent on the extent of well-designed practical sessions completed by the students.

To achieve this Model, it was planned for the students to use various health facilities with modern equipment and technology either public or private sectors.

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