Faculty of Sharia and Law

Dr. Abdul Rahman Hassan Omar

Dean Faculty of Sharia and Law

Dean’s Message

Welcome to the faculty of Shari’a and law!

The Faculty of Sharia and Law has been the niche of rights and justice since its inception, spreading awareness of legal culture in the practical reality of Somalia. This prestigious faculty of Sharia and Law at Benadir University was established in 2009 with the aim of excellence in jurisprudential, legal studies, and scientific research.

Since its inception, the faculty has endeavoured to activate its capabilities and abilities to enrich the experiences of its students based on the scientific and intellectual experiences of its professors. This is based on all scientific and technological methods, as well as effective consultative visions for serving all sectors and disciplines.

Our faculty is characterized by a selection of professors of Sharia and law among the members of the teaching staff at the university and an integrated administrative team that implements the strategic plans of the faculty with all proficiency.

The faculty is proud to be one of the faculties that seeks to consolidate the foundations of Sharia and law and to develop the competencies capable of understanding the drafting of the legislation and assimilate its theories in all branches of law and Islamic jurisprudence through lectures, scientific seminars, and conferences held in the field of Sharia and law sciences. In addition, it also launched a postgraduate program in Sharia and Law Sciences through a partnership agreement with the International University of Africa in Sudan in 2016.

Therefore, as the dean of the faculty of Shari’a and law, I take this opportunity to welcome everyone who meets our admission requirements to join us at Benadir University.


Dr. Abdirahman Hassan Omar

Dean, Faculty of Shari’a and Law, Benadir University


To complete its growth process in higher education, the university established the Faculty of Shari’a and Law in November 2009–2010 to react to society’s need for public and civil organizations to have lawyers with expertise in Islamic Sharia.

Modern laws began when the university was able to produce consecutive batches of graduates from different colleges in various fields of science.

The Faculty of Law is intertwined with the Faculty of Science and Arts to provide the nation with law, order, security, and good governance capable of implementing Islamic Sharia.


The faculty is projected to become the leading provider of forensic and law science, with the use of academic curriculum that combines the authenticity of a distinct Islamic heritage and the latest developments of the modern laws.


  • Provide Shari’a and law education and distinguish between them according to the scientific standards agreed upon internationally.
  • Get deeper into the understanding of the purposes of Shari’a and law studies and introduce the capacity to compare between them.
  • Prepare a generation proud of the Islamic values; build their capabilities and skills of scientific research within the Boundaries of Islamic law.
  • Upgrade the membership of the faculty and encourage scientific research and development.
  • Contribute the community with legal awareness and raise their legitimacy under the Shari’a and Law


The faculty of Shari’a and Law has a high reputation and it’s based on the following core values:

  • Honesty and integrity
  • Moral uprightness
  • Self-discipline
  • Transparency
  • Equity
  • Professionalism
  • Respect to work and duty
  • Providing services to society in a respectable manner.
  • Legal advice and justice


  • The Department of Shari’a and law.
  • Department of Islamic Studies.


The College adopts standards and admission requirements of the university, and besides that the College requires the applicants:

  • The average grade rate of the certificate should not be less than 65%.
  • The average grade rate of the subjects: Islamic education, Arabic language, and English should not be less than 75%.


Tel: +252-6-1-5839898, +252615982061

E-mail: busharialaw@gmail.com/ dean-sharialaw@bu.edu.so/sharialaw@bu.edu.so

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