Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is Benaadir University the right university for me?

Yes it is. Benadir University offers 7 comprehensive faculties namely; Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Computer and IT Studies, Faculty of Shariah and Law, Faculty of Agriculture, and Faculty of Veterinary Science. It also offers many more programs to add to your bachelor. If you are looking for an academically rich and student based university, B.U. is your first choice. B.U. also offers students access to a library, computer rooms, labs, and multi-media equipment.


2. What are the requirements to apply for Benadir University?

  • Holders of Secondary school certificate with grade of B+ with passes at C or above in Biology, Chemistry, Math or Physics, and one of the following subjects: – English, Islamic Religious Education.
  • Holders of secondary equivalent with minimum grades in Biology and Chemistry and at least a secondary pass in Mathematics or Physics.
  • Birth certificate or a notarized copy of it.
  • A certificate showing the student conduct and character.
  • 10 photographs all passport size
  • Holders of Diploma in Biological Sciences or related Sciences from a recognized institution with credit or distinction.
  • Satisfactory performance in a written test of English.
  • He/she must pay all University fees including “late registration fees”


3. How long is an academic year and when do you accept new students?

The academic year is divided into two semesters, namely spring and fall semesters separated by a two-week mid-year holiday. New students are admitted to the university once a year and during the fall semester. Semesters last for sixteen weeks excluding the examination period. The university’s system of examination is based on the system of semester examination. For an updated academic calendar please contact Benadir University registrar or view academic calendar section of this website.

*** For more information please contact Benadir University administration.

Contact Information

• Tel: +252-1-225363
• Fax: +252-1-225363
• E-mail Adress: info@benadiruniversity.edu.so
• Website:  www.benadiruniversity.net