International Relations

International Relations

Benadir University is an official member of many international organizations and forums. BU has also bilateral agreements with number of international universities. BU has a vision of developing its existing international linkages.

The notable examples of BU international stature is the official joining of 7 Organizations:

1: Association of Arab Universities based in Jordan

2: Association of African Universities

3: World Health Foundation (WHF)

4: World Health Organization (WHO)

5:  Association of Business Executives

6: League of Islamic Universities

7: SomaliREN: Which is association of 9 Somalia Universities

The Unit for International relations  expands the international scope of the University by developing official agreements with universities abroad to facilitate the exchange of Somalia State and international students and faculty, and by providing the International Seminar Series, a weekly speakers program that educates our campus and local communities on world issues.

International Linkages advances internationalization at Somalia State by:

  • Growing the number of Somalia’s students are studying abroad;
  • Facilitating faculty exchanges both here and abroad for collaborative research and professional development is the core objective of BU now and beyond; and
  • Providing weekly opportunities for campus- and local-community members to learn about the hottest topics on the opportunities that are emerging is another of goals of Benadir university.

Creating An International Partnership?

BU aims to increase the number of exchange institutions and expand into new countries so that opportunities for connections continue to grow.

There is growing list of agreements between Benadir University and 14 universities abroad which can be arranged as one-way (Somalia students go abroad for a summer, semester, or year) or two-way (Somalia students go abroad and international students come here for a summer, semester, or two semesters).

Creating an international relation is an ongoing process. Deadlines have been established so there is ample time to recruit and complete program logistics. Please keep in mind that it typically takes two semesters to take a program from creation to realization.

BU Team of dedicated individuals will help you consider the many important considerations of creating new programs, and guide you through the process from start to finish.

BU will Further enhance its faculty and student diversity through focused enrollment and hiring strategies and implementation of best practices with regard to recruitment and retention.

Improve academic support infrastructures to provide state-of-the-art educational and research environments that advance faculty and students in their ongoing pursuit of excellence.