Research Areas

Research Areas

Research is an essential endeavor at Benadir University. Our faculty members are world leaders, pushing the frontiers of fundamental human knowledge in four main areas: agriculture, shari’a & law, engineering and applied science, humanities, natural sciences and social sciences. The University is home to over 1,100 faculty members spread across 34 academic departments and 75 institutes and centers.
Current and potential graduate students who are interested in learning more about the graduate research experience are invited to visit our main campus.

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Engineering and Applied Science

Research in the Engineering and Applied Science at University aims to develop fundamental knowledge and to solve global problems. In particular, efforts are focused on four key areas of societal need: energy and the environment, health, security, and the preparation of leaders who will make wise use of technology. Each of these areas is built on a foundation of fundamental research in materials science, information technology, biological engineering, and applied math and physics.

Interdisciplinary partnerships that leverage and complement university’s strengths in other research areas are crucial for success. Recognizing the need to bring the tools and technologies of numerous disciplines to bear on some of the biggest societal challenges, Our engineers regularly collaborate with scholars from across the disciplines in multidisciplinary projects and research centers.


Through the arts, languages, philosophy and history, research in the humanities at university seeks to broaden and transform our comprehension and experience of the world.

The projects underway tap the pages of literary works and the artifacts of ancient civilizations for new knowledge, and lead to the development of theories and ideas to explain the human condition. Beyond expanding fundamental human understanding, academic inquiry in the humanities has implications for policy-making as well as for wide-ranging interdisciplinary endeavors involving the social sciences, natural sciences and engineering.

Natural Sciences

Benadir university has a longstanding and continuing tradition of excellence in the natural sciences, including astrophysics, biology, mathematics and physics. Following in the footsteps of the intellectual leaders before them, scientists at the University today continue to explore the knowledge frontier and broaden the realm of human understanding. As knowledge expands, Our scientific research efforts are constantly evolving, and major new initiatives in chemistry and neuroscience are currently underway.

Social Sciences

Whether improving national security, exploring issues of poverty, explaining human behavior or taking a critical look at international trade, research in the social sciences at university strives to advance of knowledge of human society and address some of the largest societal problems of the 21st century. University Public and International Affairs is a major center of education and scholarship in public and international affairs, with more than 20 research centers and programs examining critical issues including global public health, demography and education policy.