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Dr Tahlil Dr Biday Dr Guled Dr Hassan
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Mohamed Abdi Shire Osman Abdulle Farah Dr Sulieban Moalim
Mohamed Abdir Shire Olow

Treatment outcome of thyroidectomies performed under local anesthesia for nodular goiter
patients attending at Banadir Hospital in Mogadishu Somalia

Osman Abdulle Farah 105-428-2-PB

Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Towards Burn Patients Admitted in Madina Hospital
Mogadishu Somalia

Dr. suleiban..42-165-2-PB 

Frequency of Hemorrhoids in Madina and Osman Fiqi Hospitals of Somalia

MO’ALLIM 13-52-1-PB

Factors Associated with Intestinal Obstructions among AdultsinKeysaney Hospital, Mogadishu[1]Somalia