Students Affairs Deanship


Eng. Raage Mohamed Adam 

Dean of Student Affiars

Benadir University

A Message from the Dean of Students

Dear students!

As dean of student’s affairs in Benadir University (DoS) I’m here to serve as your advocate and to guide you to the many essential resources available to you at Benadir University, and our office is generally responsible for serving as a point of information for BU students and responding to students’ needs.

DoS office will provide social programs and give support for  BU students , with collaboration of different BU departments, stay up-to-date on relevant student resources and work directly with students; our mission is to serve, support and empower students and other members of the BU family to promote student success; according to our potential and the policies of University, we will cover the way for students to learn, and we will put an end to all tribal, political and other threatening intentions seeking to divide the unity.

Benadir University is a vibrant, diverse place offering countless intellectual, social, leadership and research opportunities, our duties include supervising various university programs and serving as a liaison between university administrators and student organizations, one of our primary goals is to function as your personal BU “search engine.” Finding answers to your inquiries can begin with DoS.

The Office of Dean of students assists students in the resolution of problems, provides information about, and referral to University resources, and promotes initiatives that address students’ needs and interests. In addition the Office provides educational and co-curricular activities and experiences that encourage students to have a positive University Experiences

Kind Regards

Eng. Rage Mohamed Adem

Dean of student affairs

Benadir University


Office of Student Affairs

The office of student affairs has accountability for students’ doings and commitment to enable all students participates in an engaging, healthy, and energetic learning environment during their time at Benadir University, Our office provides guidance and advice to the students enrolled in Benadir University.


Our Mission is to serve, support and empower students and other members of the BU family to promote student success; according to our potential and the policies of University


Cultivating transformative experiences that challenge students to be their best at Benadir University and beyond

Core Values

The subsequent values are essential to the Dean of Student Office and guide how we do our work and fulfill our mission:

Students and Community

We are dedicated to creating a community that encourages and practices civility, compassion and care for others. We understand that how we work and provide services directly impacts the student experience. We therefore try to work together to create connections and interactions that help us answer to the needs of our students.


As educators, we understand that learning occurs both inside and outside the classroom. We facilitate a supportive campus environment that contributes to student learning and personal development. Additionally, we seek to inspire students to be engaged citizens within the Benadir University community and beyond.


We believe that staff members must sustain the highest standards and principles. Ethics and integrity are characterized by trust and respect for each other, collaborative decision-making, appropriate use of University resources, service to students, and the utilization of best practices within the field of student affairs and higher education. 


We play a significant role in the lives of the students, and work with them to achieve their goals. The efforts and contributions of our colleagues, within the department and across the university, through working relationships based on mutual respect, trust, and cooperation


We conduct ourselves in a manner that is respectful to colleagues and students.

Personal Accountability

We take responsibility for our actions and their outcomes.


We work collaboratively with colleagues and students, forming healthy partnerships and sharing ideas and resources to accomplish common goals, an environment conducive to productivity, creativity, and enjoyment


We respect our individual identities and experiences and foster an inclusive and supportive environment for others.

The uniqueness and worth of every person, and his/her pursuit of professional growth and personal well-being


We are recognized and valued as an individual, and respect the unique contributions and worth of others.


  • Act as the presiding officer during elections of the office bears.
  • Guiding and encouraging students to form and develop professional ,social clubs and societies and also providing the necessary support to such clubs and societies
  • Supervise the functions of the Student mentoring service which provides counseling services to the student community.
  • Organizing sporting activities through the Sports and games committee. 


The office of student affairs provides and coordinates mandated support services for students with disabilities. The student’s disabilities that need special care can contact student affairs at (061537321 or 0615638182).


Get Ready…. For First Year Orientation

Joining to a university is a big move, and the orientation program at Benadir University is designed to make move much easier. Orientation is a long program organized by current Benadir University Association students to introduce incoming students to each other, the campus and university environment.

Over 3000 current students will welcome new students to campus and will work hard throughout orientation to make sure it is a memorable week and a great introduction to life at Benadir University.

The programs and events on the opening day of orientation (15th to 30th September each year) Programs will continue throughout these days and include all information about university and overview student services. Students will receive detailed information about orientation during these weeks.

If you have any question about orientation, please contact Eng. Rage Adem, Dean of Student Affairs at 252-61-5537321 or Email:

Supervision and facilitation of Students Associations

The office student affairs working to encourage and support Students Associations, we encourage student Associations to have self-assurance to talk and to listen; our aim to bring together to share strategies for students Associations.

The office of dean of students facilitates students at each faculty to have their own led associations being governed by elected chairperson and his/her nominated cabinet, each faculty associations upholds elections on yearly basis, above that the office also coordinates the university students to have one union named by Benadir University Students Associations.

Sports and Games

Benadir University has many opportunities for those who want to play sport at any level. Office of student Affairs together with student’s association’s implements coordinated sports events designed to cultivate the skills and talents of potential athletes.

The sports events include intramurals and participation in various sports competitions, the office of student affairs held football tournament every semester to each faculty and yearly basis to the all faculties.