Why Study BU

Why Benadir University

Prospective Students wondering if Benadir University is the right university for them should hold no reservation been apply for admission. B.U. offers 7 comprehensive faculties namely; Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Shari’a and Law, Faculty of Agriculture, and Faculty of Veterinary Science. B.U. also offers students a variety programs to add to your bachelor.

If you are looking for an academically rich and student based university, B.U. is your first choice. Benadir University also offers students access to a library, computer rooms, labs, and multi-media equipment.

By pursuing an education with Benadir University, you are making the right choice for both your academic life and future career goals.

Strengthen the Quality of Academic Programs

  • Conduct external academic program reviews
  • Achieve specialized accreditation of selected academic programs
  • Succeed in achievement of Li censures in applicable academic program areas
  • Eliminate non-productive academic programs
  • Increase the prominence of faculty scholarship
  • Increase the number of faculty FTE’s producing research/scholarly and creative works
  • Retain regional accreditation
  • Retain accreditation held in specialized programs


Improve the Academic Indicators of the Student Body

  • Conduct annual reviews of admission standards/requirements
  • Increase/improve the standardized test scores of matriculates
  • Collaborate with educational institutes’ other educational programs to increase the number and success of transfer students
  • Admit and enroll an increasingly higher caliber of student
  • Increase the number of students who adhere to the University’s Conduct Standards


Increase Applied and Basic Research

  • Enhance the research environment and expertise of faculty and staff
  • Align university research goals with federal, state, and industry needs and goals
  • Enhance pre and post-award services to the university research and sponsored program community