Academic Skills workshops

All workshops are conducted in the library. Unless otherwise indicated, booking is not required. Just turn up and join in!

  • Concept mapping
    Learn how to construct a concept map to enhance critical thinking, essay planning, note taking and when attending lectures and tutorials. Please bring along your course outlines and/or any textbook to the workshop.
    Editing and proofreading your assignment
    Learn specific strategies to assist in the editing and proofreading of your assignment. Optional – bring along an assignment.
  • Exam strategies
    Focuses on exam preparation using systematic revision strategies, and the organisation of study information.
  • Getting started on your assignment
    Covers interpreting the question, guidelines for research, applying the assessment criteria and initial assignment planning.
  • Managing your reading and note taking
    Identify different purposes and appropriate strategies for reading and note taking effectively.
  • Moving beyond description
    Develop strategies to critically analyse other people’s work.
  • Oral presentations
    Explains the basic requirements for effective verbal presentations – what and how it is presented.
  • Reading a journal article
    Discover strategies for selecting high quality sources and summarising articles. Optional – bring along a relevant journal article.
    Structuring and writing an academic assignment
    Covers structuring the assignment, applying critical thinking skills, and writing and editing your first draft.
  • Time management
    Learn how to fit your university work into your life.
  • Unpacking the question
    Learn how to interpret the question and understand the requirements of the task.
  • Using the words and ideas of others
    Understand the importance of actively engaging with the literature whilst avoiding plagiarism in your assignments.
  • Writing a reflective assignment
    Learn the key aspects related to writing a reflective assignment.
  • Writing an undergraduate literature review
    Learn essential aspects related to writing an undergraduate literature review.
  • Writing introductions and conclusions
    Improve the impression your assignment makes on your reader. Writing effective introductions and conclusions allows you to optimise your results.
  • Writing paragraphs
    Learn to present your academic argument more effectively by understanding the structure of a paragraph.
  • Writing reports
    Focuses on the specific aspects related to writing report

Computing skills workshops

Workshops are available for new and advanced computer users. These vary in length and provide ample opportunity for hands-on practice. All workshops are conducted in the library and booking is required.

Computing essentials

  • New to computers? These workshops are aimed at absolute beginners with little or no computer experience. Learn about how a computer works, understand computing terminology, and learn tips to increase efficiency.
    • Getting started with a Mac
      Learn about the basics of the Macintosh operating system including how to use the finder, desktop, menu bar, dock, trash, files and folders.
    • Getting started with a Windows PC
      Build your confidence in using the Windows environment including navigating the desktop, finding files and folders, and personalising and changing Windows settings.
  • Introduction to Benadir’s online environment
    New to Benadir University? This introductory workshop will help you to become familiar with Benadir’s internet and intranet environments and includes accessing for students, Portal for staff, Learning@Benadir, using your email account and more.

Targeted computing skills

  • Connecting with Google
    Google Apps environment offers more than just Gmail and Calendar. Learn how to work more collaboratively and efficiently by using Google Apps such as Drive, Chat and Sites.
  • Excel essentials
    Learn to format, calculate and manipulate data using Microsoft Excel. Provides the grounding for other Excel workshops and teaches some useful “tips and tricks” for improving efficiency.
  • Excel: formulas and organizing data
    This workshop focuses on the power of spreadsheet calculations using Microsoft Excel and also showcases a number of methods of filtering and organizing data, including an introduction to Charts.
  • PowerPoint essentials
    Learn the basics of creating dynamic presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Word essentials
    Designed to give an understanding of the fundamental functions and features of Microsoft Word, this workshop provides the grounding for all other Word workshops.
  • Word: preparing long documents
    Designed for participants who are preparing to write a long document, this workshop demonstrates strategies for creating, working with and managing long documents. It teaches participants to use Microsoft Word’s automated features and functions to apply consistent formatting and save time when working with long documents.
  • Word: finalizing long documents
    Intended for those approaching submission, this workshop is designed to give participants the ability to compile and navigate long documents, finalize page layout and page numbering, automatically generate a table of contents and other lists and manage an EndNote reference list or bibliography where EndNote has been used.

Library Research & Referencing workshops

  • Referencing
    Session covers the principles of referencing and the process of applying them within academic work. It also introduces you to the Academic Integrity Student Tutorial and the Referencing Tool so you can access help 24/7.
  • Researching for your assignment
    Learn how to find relevant, scholarly information for your assignments. This session introduces you to the library catalogue to learn tips and tricks for finding relevant books and articles.
  • Referencing online workshop (recorded)
    An online session that covers the principles of referencing – (length 9:19 mins).
  • Referencing transcript (PDF)
    Researching for your assignment online workshop (recorded)
    An online session that covers how to find relevant, scholarly information for your assignments – (length 16:25 mins).